Case Studies
RPA solves integration and automation challenge for a national factoring provider

TowerCap, US-based national provider of custom-built working capital solutions, has innovatively deployed robotic process automation (RPA) into their factoring process to improve efficiencies for their clients. The company provides cost-effective financial solutions to the contractors of telecommunications and green-energy infrastructure.

Case Studies
Powerful cost accounting automation saves blasting services company manhours and money

Enaex Africa, a world-class blasting services company, recently transformed its cost accounting management through automation with Nintex K2 Software, gaining 20 times more manhours and 100% accuracy in pricing and cost control across over 1100 product lines nearly 100 customers.

Case Studies
Global copper company saves by automating process

Seeking to integrate and streamline the processes, the team chose the flexibility of Nintex K2 workflow to deploy automation for some aspects of its procurement and cost-reporting systems, beginning with materials requests, adding a line-level quote rationalization and optimization function.

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Five processes that businesses are automating right now

In the business environment, as we adapt to the hybrid workplace, executives have worked quickly to keep employees safe, whilst adopting work-from-home policies and environments to keep the wheels of commerce turning. The greatest focus has been on streamlining processes to support top-line revenues. These accelerated efforts towards business efficiency have unveiled the top five business processes that seem ready for automation this year.

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The realities of document generation and digital signatures in a hybrid workplace

The “Covidian” experiment with forced remote work has proven that handing over control of the workday to employees is good for both the employee and the employer.  Every business is now focused on the new realities of hybrid work – empowering people to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Over

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Why do organizations struggle to digitally transform?

The days of large-scale automation projects are over. Take where we were a year ago and tell me you have a year to change…not likely! Automation has been around for years; it’s just become more relevant over the last year and in a shorter period of time than ever before. Large scale, cumbersome and slow digital transformation projects are a thing of the past ̶ this is our new reality. If you are going to digitally transform, it’s better to think carefully about how you are going to do it and how quickly, because the world just got a whole lot more competitive overnight.

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The rise of digital process automation

Improving access to data elevates the level of intelligent automation and maximises the benefits in transforming an organisation’s business operations.

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Integration important factor in business automation

When security and data sovereignty is top priority, integrating automation initiatives can be challenging. Choosing an automation platform that will meet enterprise security and governance standards is paramount.

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An easier path to business automation

Companies are finding a faster way to resolve cost optimization through business automation – by leveraging digital process automation as a service. Digital process automation (DPA) has grown in stature over the past year as the pandemic has called for many to review their IT budgets and align with the demands for accelerated flexibility and remote work offerings from line of business leaders.

2021: Four digital process automation trends

After the seismic shifts of 2020 moving digital transformation into the fast lane, automation has found a new partner: simplicity.