An easier path to business automation

Using Digital Process Automation as a service brings instant results for business automation

Companies are finding a faster way to resolve cost optimization through business automation – by leveraging digital process automation as a service.  Digital process automation (DPA) has grown in stature over the past year as the pandemic has called for many to review their IT budgets and align with the demands for accelerated flexibility and remote work offerings from line of business leaders.

DPA helps companies create completely automated process solutions. With the right digital process automation, applications replace human or manual requirements to manage processes and digital workflow.

Switching to a DPA service offering allays any fears of long-term licensing and upgrade requirements, integration complications and searching for skilled developers who can manage and integrate business requirements. It provides the technology, skills and support required, at a set monthly rate and considerable cost savings. Customers no longer need to make expensive investments in tools, skills or license maintenance to realise returns.

Linxus MD, Russell Glover, comments: “As a digital process automation company, we find that our clients are seeking immediate solutions in the current trading environment.  Automation has often been a lengthy process, complicated by the need to orchestrate change throughout the business.  By employing DPA as a service, our clients no longer have the hassle of identifying the right technology or knowing the coding intricacies to automate their specific workflow process.  In short, they outsource the challenge to us, and we manage it for them, from beginning to end.”

Multiple technologies

Linxus established itself in the market over seven years ago as a solution provider of workflow automation. Working across multiple technologies and platforms, the company offers leading technology expertise including K2, Nintex, Microsoft Power Platform and rapid application development skills in many different environments.

“Ultimately, heads of department are those that are now calling for change and wanting to optimize and respond quickly to the changing business environment.  Being able to offer business-driven solutions greatly assists in creating efficiencies through automation at speed,” adds Russell.

Other key benefits that using digital automation as a service are:

  • Enhanced digital experiences for across customer, employee and supplier environments
  • Alignment of LOB and IT budgets to business strategy
  • Fixed monthly expense, removing any capex liabilities and freeing up infrastructure and storage resource
  • Immediate access to skilled professionals for support and technical expertise

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