Linxus Products

We understand the strategic importance of technology as an enabler in the  search for cost reduction and revenue enhancement..

Linxus products streamline processes — customer account management, workflow, procurement, travel authorisations, expense claims or any other process used in business today. Using world-class toolsets and platforms, the Linxus team architects,  builds, deploys, and manages technology solutions for customers.  In addition we have specific skills sets that focus on application development using Java, C#, .NET and PHP, together with deep expertise in Rapid Application Development.

Once digital processes and human interaction are integrated, and orchestrated, there are enormous benefits.  And the results keep scaling. The more you automate, the more your team is available to innovate.

K2 Nexus
K2 Nexus delivers results faster by automating and continuously optimising business-critical processes - with far less code. Linxus will help you drive process excellence by connecting your people, systems and data to orchestrate how and when work gets done.

Microsoft Power Platform
We will help you drive productivity and innovation across your organisation with Microsoft Power Platform. Together, we'll help you analyse data, build solutions automate processes and create virtual agents so that you can link your ideas into action. Simply.

Streamlining processes from start to finish by autogenerating data-driven documents and routing them quickly and efficiently for review, redlining, and approval is what we do. With Linxus and Nintex, your employees would spend less time on paperwork and more time creating business value. Simply.

Why do organizations struggle to digitally transform?

The days of large-scale automation projects are over. Take where we were a year ago and tell me you have a year to change…not likely! Automation has been around for years; it’s just become more relevant over the last year and in a shorter period of time than ever before. Large scale, cumbersome and slow digital transformation projects are a thing of the past ̶ this is our new reality. If you are going to digitally transform, it’s better to think carefully about how you are going to do it and how quickly, because the world just got a whole lot more competitive overnight.

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The rise of digital process automation

Improving access to data elevates the level of intelligent automation and maximises the benefits in transforming an organisation’s business operations.

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Integration important factor in business automation

When security and data sovereignty is top priority, integrating automation initiatives can be challenging. Choosing an automation platform that will meet enterprise security and governance standards is paramount.

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