K2 enables a new reality where solutions are imagined and built for those that need them, and then reimagined and recreated as the business needs change. K2 is inherently designed for a new world and culture of work - one that is distributed, empowered and collaborative. K2 streamlines processes - contract management, procurement, customer onboarding or any process used in business today. Using K2, we link people and processes by architecting, designing, building and delivering K2 business applications for our customers.


K2 helps business become agile and responsive. Increase quality and consistency by automating any of your manual business processes and workflows. Time and efficiency savings allow you to focus on the more important business products and services. All this without the need to write a single line of code.

Rapid Development

K2 applications are delivered quickly and in timelines that allow organisations to realise value from their investment sooner. The K2 framework is nimble and flexible giving customer solutions that can change as they do. Adapt quicker than your competitor and you have a new customer.

Core Features

Linxus K2 Business Applications are deployed to the cloud, private cloud or on-premise, using any of the leading hosting providers, or in our own hosted environment.

Linxus offers and provides K2 customers a fully hosted K2 development and production environment. We have an enterprise K2 lab and customer hosted cloud environment, which can be used to rapidly build and deploy K2 business applications to customers while at the same time integrating with their existing infrastructure.

Some of the top features of K2 include: