Document Accelerator

Document Accelerator is a simple, easy and fast way to implement smart document storage, achieving, delivery and distribution in any business process. Document Accelerator encrypts and secures documents. Documents become searchable through any user interface and are linked to their counterparts in an interactive and simple approach. Linking you and your documents simply.

OCR Software

Optical Character Recognition that takes your image documents and converts them into meaningful searchable documents that can be used in any process. Reading multiple barcode formats is made easy with Linxus OCR.

Document and Content Management

Managing and linking process documentation like invoices, purchase orders, contracts, POD’s now makes the lives of your staff so much easier.

Personalised customer portal

Access to documents just became so much easier. Documents, information and interaction at the click of a button, we create the shortest path to the information you need when you need it.

Leverage existing systems and architecture

No Capex, no change to the user interface and no change to your standards or architecture.

Document Accelerator Key Benefits
  • Provide the right information to the right person at the right time
  • Automate document delivery on a monthly or predetermined periodic basis to reduce manual intervention
  • Provide clear direction to support email or phone numbers and improve customer experience
  • Create a central information point for customers, suppliers and staff to interact directly
  • Embed process workflow management to physically move documents between different processes
  • Embed systems workflow management to automate and optimise processes in the background
  • Create a data warehouse environment where all pertinent information is available for reporting purposes
  • Provide an open architecture to ensure all documents are available via any front-end system
Document Accelerator does not require a front-end user interface. Each document has embedded links between there counterparts that generate the associated relationships, and can incorporate email and HTML, creating useful real estate for response mechanisms, document delivery, workflow and reporting.
Document Accelerator is applied in many industries, sectors, scenarios and processes where managing document artefacts and content is needed and in some cases a requirement. Turning documents into secure content, delivering documents to customers and 3rd parties and version controlling content are just some of the benefits to using Document Accelerator.
When applied in a transactional engagement, Document Accelerator allows for immediate access, response and interaction with documentation, removing the need for archaic and expensive portals, helpdesks or manual processing environments that can degrade and frustrate customer experience.
Linxus AR Accelerator Case Study

T-Systems South Africa automates and transforms Accounts Receivable function with AR Accelerator from Linxus T-Systems existing processes were highly manual, time-intensive, and prone to inconsistencies and errors AR Accelerator enabled a 29% reduction in debtors days and a 20% reduction in Accounts Receivable staff costs T-Systems’ clients enjoyed a more seamless and interactive experience – encouraging the

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Intervate launches AR Accelerator for Accounts Receivable

Intervate has announced the launch of its AR Accelerator, powered by Linxus, to enhance organisations’ Accounts Receivable departments and reduce debtors days. The solution was developed by Linxus, a local technology company that connects people, process and technology – to create practical business solutions and drive real business value in an organisation. With a

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ROBIT talks Linxus

ROBIT, the Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) created by Intervate, and Linxus are speaking to each other. Together, ROBIT and Linxus are helping people make sense of their ERP and Accounting systems.  Linxus Accelerator, an electronic document linking solution, is set up to help ROBIT access and retrieve information which is often difficult to find. Now you just

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