Unlocking the chain with eProcurement

Onerous, manual procurement tasks could soon to be a thing of the past, and modernizing could be the key to unlocking savings across the enterprise.

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Beyond the remote workplace

Although focused on shifting the workplace into the virtual realm, many are still seeking the efficiencies that workforce agility could bring. Remote work is here to stay and the more efficiencies you can harness, the better your prospects are of a more profitable future.

Digital takes off

Digital transformation (DX) is intensifying. COVID-19 stood on the accelerator pedal and gave it licence to take off at the speed it deserves.
The sheer pace that organisations are demanding of their transformation projects calls for swift and agile change. There is no room for onerous implementation.

Keeping suppliers in the loop, digitally

Supplier communications are being improved and accelerated by implementing portals or online communications platforms. These facilitate all aspects of supplier relations – onboarding, requisitions, purchase orders and invoice submission.

Digitise or be left behind

It’s taken a virus to show us that the technology is readily available and remote working is achievable in a short space of time.