Shift the complexity out of cloud data migration

Cloud adoption can be a complicated roadmap for many organisations.  Finding the right home in the cloud for your enterprise document management system (EDMS) is one thing but moving content can be an unexpected hurdle.   

Recent Gartner predictions say South Africa will finish 2020 as the 4th fastest-growing major IT market in the world – mainly due to increasing cloud adoption.  Added to that, McKinsey advises business that the journey to the cloud needs to be accelerated to digitise quickly and effectively in the wake of COVID-19.  

New digital experiences

What is clear when considering cloud adoption, is that cloud platforms can help deploy new digital experiences in days, rather than months.  It goes without saying that digital transformation would be nearly impossible if left to traditional technology platforms. 

However, selecting the wrong approach for cloud migration is one of the top pitfalls that leaders cite recently.  The work involved is often underestimated and too often, costs exceed initial projections.  Added to this complexity is the risk of security in an unfamiliar offsite environment.    

The accelerated impact of COVID-19 on digital transformation has meant cracking the code to swift and selective migration of legacy data and documents without draining scarce technical or financial resources.  Shifting, storing and accessing data in the cloud has never been more important. 

What if you could?

  1. Pay a fraction of your current storage expense by shifting to the cloud 
  1. Migrate your legacy document warehousing solution to the cloud within days 
  1. Have real-time access to data and documents across your organization, using pre-defined authorisations 
  1. Know that your data and documents have been securely stored offsite in the cloud 
  1. Have offsite vault and confidential storage for the documents that need it 

Linxus recently introduced a custom integration for bulk migration to Microsoft Azure blob storage.  It has been expressly designed to shift legacy storage to a more efficient, secure and accessible platform.  

Organisations looking to shift from legacy online storage solutions or business record management to Microsoft Azure blob storage have found this migration toolset invaluable.  In the financial services sector, they have already migrated legacy document storage solutions comprising terabytes of data and millions of documents, all within less than a week.  

Considering the volumes of data that we consume, store and access on a daily basis within business, it’s important that a modern enterprise document management solution makes it easy to lift and shift legacy content from traditional storage systems to the cloud.   

Low-code automation

The data migration solution is a low-code solution offering an automated approach to connect people with data, wherever they may be.  It provides simpler, safer, quicker ways to automate and achieve enterprise cloud document storage. 

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