Business Apps Revolution

In a world where Enterprise Software was once king of the heap, Business Apps are emerging as the trailblazers on the road to digital transformation.

The industry leader in business application platforms and solutions, K2, told the world three years ago:

“The era of enterprise software dominance is mercifully nearing its end. Business apps — fast, flexible, easy-to-build applications that streamline work and pull your information and systems together — introduce an entirely new way to deliver viral efficiency.”

This foresight has brought K2 to the fore in business app development, and as a partner of K2 , Linxus is proud to be able to recommend, design, build, deploy, and manage technology solutions using the K2 platform that solve customers’ business challenges.

Businesses need to be increasingly agile and speed is essential.  To stay ahead, whatever is manual that could be automated should be considered. This is the birth of the business apps discussion.  Organisations are seeking solutions that are quick to build, fast to deploy and simple to change or update. There isn’t time for multi-year implementations and deployments – they know what they want and they need it now.

And of course, as the landscape changes, they want to be able to change quickly. Much quicker than the behemoth systems of the past.  Keeping technology agile enough to change with the market is important.  It’s a case of keep up or get left behind.

The beauty of the new world of business apps is that it’s built on user access, engagement and experience.  It’s what people need to do the job – quickly, efficiently and accurately.  It’s about a new reality where technology really does enable and empower, and supports digital transformation along the way.

Business applications have the power to span an organization, drive business outcomes and deliver true competitive advantage. They can be rapidly built, easily adapted and are powerful enough to scale across siloed business systems and data. – Source: K2 eBook – Goodbye Enterprise Software, Hello Business Apps