ROBIT talks Linxus

ROBIT, the Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) created by Intervate, and Linxus are speaking to each other.

Together, ROBIT and Linxus are helping people make sense of their ERP and Accounting systems.  Linxus Accelerator, an electronic document linking solution, is set up to help ROBIT access and retrieve information which is often difficult to find. Now you just have to ask ROBIT and, in a series of chatty interactions through Skype for Business, you can have information at your fingertips thanks to Linxus.

Linxus Accelerator is a simple, easy and fast way to implement smart document delivery and access in any business process and ROBIT has just made it smarter.  The solution automates document delivery, response, archiving and reporting.  It improves any transactional engagement and provides immediate access to documentation. What better than to have a VPA making sure you can improve employee, customer or supplier engagement and experience?

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