K2 Features

Security & Governance

Stay private and keep in line with regulations. K2 has comprehensive security and compliance features that meet or exceed industry standards across the globe.

  • Identity Management
    Azure Active Directory is the sole provider of identity within K2 Cloud and offers you various identity security capabilities natively. More details here.
  • Customer Security
    • Data is never co-mingled with another customer’s data
    • Connected to a single Identity Provider (Azure Active Directory)
  • Data Security & Reliability
    • Encrypted in transit (TLS/SSL)
    • Encrypted at rest (Azure SQL)
    • Highly available (Azure SQL)
    • DR capable (Azure SQL)
    • Data is not copied or stored in K2 environment
  • Cloud Security
    • All endpoints (tooling and API) are only available on SSL
    • Encrypted in transit (SSL) if supported by connected systems
    • Encrypted at rest (Azure SQL)
    • Host-based security (anti-virus, patching, etc.)
    • All traffic that flows within K2 Cloud is protected and secured from the public internet (all data transmitted within the Azure framework never leaves – even globally — until it is transmitted to you)
  • Operations Security
    • Information Security Management System and controls based on ISO 27001:2103 standards. Certified by an independent auditing agency.
    • CFR 21 Part 11
  • Platform Security
    • OWASP 10 building standard
    • Penetration testing by independent agency
    • In-house code analysis and testing