Genesis is a product that provides customers with the functionality to auto create pre-populated documentation that is ready for workflow or distribution. Genesis is the conduit between business data and generated documentation for an organisation.

Genesis consumes data from any source system or application, merges this data with predefined document templates and generates the final and complete document ready for distribution by the organisation.

To this end organisations can maintain document templates using Microsoft Word. These templates are then passed to Genesis where they are version controlled and stored as the template master to be called when needed. When business data is generated from the source application the data is passed to Genesis and the appropriate template used. The template is merged with the data and the final document generated. Through a parameter Genesis can pass back a complete Microsoft Word document and / or PDF. This document is now available to be distributed through automated workflow or distributed to where it is needed.

Reduced Cost
Training staff on how to complete and draft contracts or agreements becomes a thing of the past. Making sure that the correct version of a contract is being used is no longer a concern as only the latest approved version is available to be used. Templates are maintained in Microsoft Word meaning that no special software is required to maintain your content.

This in turn has a direct impact on cost as documents are centrally controlled and managed, the generation of these documents are efficient and input on approvals and corrections are kept to a minimum as a standard template is applied.

Changes can be made in a controlled and managed environment that is agile and flexible. This gives you the ability to effect changes across the organisation without having to communicate or distribute documents to those people responsible. Changes become effective immediately without staff having to worry about the version of the document they are using.
Mitigating Risk
By using Microsoft Word as the tool for template creation, editing and updating you are removing the risk of having to find specialised skills in publishing or layout design. This in turn shortens the period required to skill up staff.

The risk of content being incorrect or out of date will be mitigated significantly. Content authors will be able to update and change templates as and when required. This gives them complete control of the validity of material “in the moment”.

Email and file locations on servers / PC’s is no longer the medium for controlling content, with content existing in multiple locations, be it on email or in file folders. The risks associated to disparate and fragmented content is eliminated. Content resides in one location and is controlled centrally by the authors of the templates through security.
Quality and Efficiency
Once a template is published, the template can still be updated or changed. Content is kept in a Microsoft Word format allowing for updating and editing to take place while maintaining version control. In other words, all textural changes on a template are made in Microsoft Word. When changes are made in the Microsoft Word template and uploaded these changes are applied immediately to the final output. Changes can be anything from layout, design or content. Once these changes are made they become effective for everyone. You are in complete control of your content and how it looks across the business.
Genesis Benefits
  • Authors of templates are all controlled through security, meaning that only authorised personal can maintain and control your document templates
  • Content is owned and controlled centrally while at the same time giving the organisation access to the contracts that are needed when they are needed
  • New templates can be created as and when required. For example, this could be a new legal contracts or forms that need to be auto-completed for signature. This means, that when needs change or planning dictates, additional content becomes part of the standard process
  • A single process and point of control for all legal material can be managed. This results in a significant reduction in the points of failure. With one process to manage all legal content there are no emails having to be sent between individuals or manually controlled as to what has or has not been done
  • Risk is mitigated as content is controlled through a central process in a central domain. Material is controlled centrally and securely. This determines who has access to what
  • With Microsoft Word being the editorial product used there is no software that is needed to be installed, maintained, learned or supported for any author of a template
  • The solution is flexible to leverage off an organisations new and existing IT infrastructure and systems. As your IT strategy evolves so will Genesis to accommodate these changes
  • Multiple templates can be used, with each drawing its source information from single or multiple systems
  • Documents can be generated and distributed in Microsoft Word and / or Adobe PDF format through multiple channels depending on your requirements
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