Linxus Solutions

Through powerful business applications and robust workflow Linxus Solutions automate decision-making and streamlines end to end processes. Linxus provides businesses with affordable and simple solutions across the enterprise. Enjoy visibility on your PC or mobile in your HR, procurement, call centre and shared service process at any time. Linking you. Simply

Document Accelerator is a simple, easy and fast way to implement smart document storage, achieving, delivery and distribution in any business process. Document Accelerator encrypts and secures documents. Documents
become searchable through any user interface and are linked to their counterparts in an interactive and simple approach. Linking you and your documents simply.

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Genesis is a product that provides customers with the functionality to auto create pre-populated documentation that are ready for workflow or distribution. Genesis is the conduit between business data and generated documentation for an organisation.

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Life After ERP

In today’s world, technology has enabled businesses to become more responsive to a customer’s needs and wants. Businesses are seeking new ways to be more agile, innovative and quicker in responding to customers ever changing needs. Businesses require agile, integrated solutions that speed up time to market. Over the years ERP has gone through an

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Five Guidelines for Business Transformation Success

Strategy and execution are important for any major change within an organization to be successful. Unfortunately, closing the gap between strategy and execution remains a challenge for many organizations. Companies tend to focus more on execution than strategy for quick results, instead of taking time to understand how the right execution plan can deliver the

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The Agile Enterprise: A Welcome Change

Today, everything in enterprise is getting faster – from critical business processes, ECM and capture, to human resource management, marketing and email. Attempts to keep up with the increasing speed of the enterprise by many organizations have conversely, slowed things down. This is because these organizations apply the same strategies and deployment architectures that were

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