Scale your business with agile business apps

Businesses invest a great deal of resources and time in strategies that focus on improving their operational effectiveness. Business scalability or the ability to grow exponentially while only incrementally committing more resources, is an essential part of growing the divide between revenue and cost. Apart from being able to deal with new customers, scaling your business involves serving your existing customers better than your competition. This means that your operations and supporting functions need to be optimal and efficient. Otherwise, you risk losing your customers to competitors.

To successfully scale your business, you need to grow your revenue line and increase your net income, while simultaneously running operations efficiently, requiring less resources. So, how do you do this? Process automation minimises operational and back-office costs. In a nutshell, the simplest way to scale your business without introducing costs is to automate your processes. This means spending less resources, such as time, while achieving more.

By automating processes, they are brought under control and you eliminate the need to waste resources to solve problems. With automation, you can stop throwing money or people at a problem to fix it. Why ask several people to spend hours on a task, when it could be completed in minutes with automation? The key to keeping your scaling strategy simple and for a business to maintain its competitive edge, is to move quickly in the market. As such, it is vastly important that manual processes be automated as much as possible.

The needs of today’s organisations are arguably holistic, meaning that automation, in and of itself, is not enough to ensure business scalability. Business scalability requires an integrated approach. The business application platforms that organisations choose and use today should deliver agility and adaptability to their operations.

We live in the business application era and organisations who wish to scale are best served by embracing this new way of life. Business applications, which are fast, easy-to-build and flexible, have the power to streamline the work activities of an organisation and aggregate valuable information. By offering customised and purpose-driven processes, business applications help the end-user in handling transactions more efficiently and eliminate the need for multiple interfaces in order to accomplish work. Business applications put people at the centre of business operations. By embracing innovative technologies, like K2, organisations avoid having to maintain and customise outdated systems and processes.

Speed matters in today’s world of intense competition, where companies need to be able to quickly modify their business practices and processes to meet the demands of the market. A business needs to be agile in the market, responding to change quickly.

Finally, businesses also need to strive towards adaptability to ensure that they are ready to scale. A process is likely to be highly individualised and complex, meaning that one process can have multiple variations, depending on the person using it. A company must provide technologies that allow access to the right information at the point of need and eliminate the need for a lot of domain knowledge to access source systems. You can ensure organisational adaptability with the use of automated workflow and business applications. Customisable workflow and applications allow users to quickly digitise processes, meaning that processes can be modified as business needs develop. In other words, the use of automated workflow and business applications allows organisations to stay ahead of the curve in terms of adaptability.

To scale your business, you should choose a platform that allows you to automate and change when you want to. The platform you choose should not impact on your costs. It should be agile and specifically architected to develop in tandem with your business and customers. By choosing such a platform, you will be able to automate your business and scale it at the desired rate.

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